Expert Water Leak Detection in Hesperia

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5 Signs You Have an Undetected Water Line Leak

Visible water leaks are easy to identify and repair. However, it’s the unseen water leaks that cause the most damage. Here are the top five signs you have an unnoticed water pipe leak.

Unexplained Increase in Water Bills
It’s normal for water bills to fluctuate with usage. However, a hidden pipe could be the culprit if you notice a spike that doesn’t come down without changing your habits.

Decreased Water Pressure
A sudden decrease in household water pressure, particularly at multiple fixtures, typically means a leak in your main water line.

Wet Spots or Pooling Water
If you notice portions of your yard are soggy or you see persistent wet spots in the basement, call a water leak detection company to identify the problem.

Increased Mold
Mold thrives in damp environments, so if you see increased mold and mildew growing in places where it’s never been an issue, it usually means you have a water leak.

Running Water Noise
Lastly, if you hear running water when you’re not using taps or appliances, it typically means there’s a hidden water leak.

At Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc., we use advanced tools to diagnose water leaks. Call us at the first sign of trouble to protect your property.

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Top Rated Hesperia Burst Pipe Repair

Besides fire, water damage is one of the worst things to happen to your home. Burst pipes can leak hundreds of gallons of water quickly, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Fortunately, most burst pipes are preventable, and here are a few tips.

Insulate Exposed Pipes
Pipes located in attics or the garage are susceptible to freezing and bursting. Wrap them in insulation or pipe wrap to keep them warm in cold weather.

Protect the Outside Hose Bib
Before winter arrives, disconnect and drain your outside hoses and protect the hose bib to prevent freezing.

Allow Faucets to Drip in Cold Weather
If the temperature drops below freezing, allowing the faucets to drip slowly can prevent freezing and bursting.

Call a Professional for Water Leak Repair
Hiring a professional to inspect and protect your plumbing system before cold weather sets in is the best way to prevent unexpected disasters like burst pipes and water leaks.

Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. is the water leak detection company residents in San Bernadino County trust the most. Book your appointment today at (760) 998-3636.