Accurate Hesperia Sewer Line Video Inspection

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Some plumbing problems require simple fixes, while others lie deep in your system, making it difficult to determine the issue. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize anything is wrong until it’s too late. If your drains empty slowly or you smell sewage in your home, there’s probably something wrong with your main sewer line.

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How You Can Benefit from a Sewer Line Video Inspection

Most people wait until there’s a problem with their sewer line before calling a plumber for a camera inspection, but there are many benefits to scheduling them regularly.

Early Problem Detection
Scheduling regular camera inspections is the best way to be proactive and detect minor issues before they worsen, leading to costly repairs or damage.

Insurance Claim Documentation
If a sewer line problem causes property damage, a sewer camera inspection can provide valuable documentation for your insurance company when filing a claim and, hopefully, expedite the resolution.

Preserves Your Property Value
A well-maintained sewer line enhances your overall property value. Regular sewer camera inspections allow you to address issues and deal with them quickly to reduce the chance of significant damage and depreciation.

Contact our expert plumbers today to schedule a sewer camera inspection as preventative maintenance or to get a clear picture of what’s happening in your sewer line.

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How Can You Tell If You Have Sewer Line Damage?

Most homeowners have experienced a slow or clogged drain. A clog isolated to a single fixture, like the kitchen sink, can be a headache; it’s minor compared to a blockage or break in the main sewer line. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with the telltale signs that something’s wrong in your sewer line so you can call a professional for help before it wreaks havoc.

Sewer Odor
A foul sewage odor around your property or house could mean a rupture in your main sewer line. Raw sewage backing up into your home introduces hazardous bacteria and other pathogens that put your family at risk of getting sick.

Slow Drainage
Sluggish sink or tub drains could be a sign of sewer line damage. If the water takes longer than usual to empty, affecting drains throughout the house, call a plumber for a camera inspection to determine if the main sewer line is the culprit.

Soggy Lawn
Do you have wet patches in your yard? When a sewer line leaks, the wastewater saturates the ground, causing puddles or soggy patches in the yard. Watch out also for overly lush spots.

Pest Infestation
Lastly, if you notice an increase in rodents or insects around the property, it’s probably due to a break in your sewer line.

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