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If you think you have a gas line leak, you need experts to find it fast and protect your family. Call Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. in San Bernadino County for expert gas leak detection services at (760) 998-3636.

Most people use natural gas safely; however, gas leaks do occur, putting lives and property at risk. If you have a gas pipe leak, you need an expert to fix it fast and keep your family safe. Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. is the go-to gas leak detection company in Hesperia, CA, with over two decades of experience. If you suspect you have a gas line leak, don’t wait; call us immediately.

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How To Identify a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous plumbing problems homeowners face. For your safety’s sake, know the signs of a gas leak so you can call for emergency help. Here’s what to watch for.

Hissing Noises
Gas leaks sometimes make hissing sounds as the gas escapes the pipe. Often, you’ll hear noise around your gas-powered appliances where the line connects.

Pilot Light Issues
If the pilot light on your gas stove or water heater frequently goes out or the flame is weak, it could be a sign of a gas leak.

Physical Symptoms
Gas exposure causes various physical symptoms from carbon monoxide poisoning. If you feel lightheaded, fatigued, nauseous, or have difficulty breathing, it could be a gas leak causing it.

Sudden Spike in Gas Bill
A significant and unexplained spike in your monthly gas bill might indicate an undetected gas leak. Call a gas leak detection company for help if you notice gas bills suddenly rising.

If you have a gas leak, get out of the house to a safe place and call the experts at Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. for trusted and safe gas line services.

Do I Need a Gas Fitter to Install My Appliances? Yes, and Here’s Why

Understandably, homeowners want to save a few bucks and take care of odd repairs and installations themselves instead of hiring a pro. However, working with gas should be treated like working with electricity; one mistake could be disastrous. If you need a new gas line or a gas appliance installation, here are several reasons to leave it to the pros.

The number one reason to leave gas work to professionals is to keep your family and property safe.

Compliance With Regulations
Many places have strict building codes and regulations regarding gas lines and appliance installation. Professional gas fitters know these regulations and will ensure your system meets the criteria.

Proper Sizing & Pressure
Gas appliances need precise sizing and pressure to operate at maximum efficiency. Professional gas fitters have the necessary education and training to make the correct calculations to ensure your system works the way you want.

Peace of Mind
Finally, hiring a professional gas fitter means you won’t have to worry about something going catastrophically wrong down the road.

Experience counts when dealing with a gas line leak. Call Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. in San Bernadino County for fast, effective gas leak detection and repair at (760) 998-3636.