Hesperia Whole House Repiping Services

A home repipe can add value to your home and improve your plumbing system’s performance. Call the pros at Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc., in San Bernadino County, today at (760) 998-3636.

You use your plumbing system daily, meaning it’s bound to wear out and cause headaches like frequent leaks and poor water quality. Contrary to what you might think, repiping your home is often more cost-effective than continual repairs. At Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc., we’re the go-to repipe contractor in Hesperia, CA, because we have over two decades of experience. Whether you need traditional copper piping or PEX, our experts can do it all. Book your appointment today.

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What Are the Signs You Need a Home Repipe?

Replacing your plumbing is a significant investment, so it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. However, sometimes, repiping is the only way to solve persistent problems. Here are the most common signs you should repipe your house.

If your home’s pipes are over 50 years old, they’re probably not in the best shape. Deteriorating pipes can lead to frequent clogs, leaks, bursts, and poor water quality.

Discolored Water
As metal pipes corrode, contaminants flake into the water supply, affecting the water’s color and taste.

Low Water Pressure
If you have hard water, mineral deposits build up in your pipes, causing them to narrow like clogged arteries. Over time, you’ll notice water pressure dropping.

Frequent Leaks
Another problem that comes from aging pipes is frequent leaks. As pipes age, they weaken, and joints can fail, causing them to leak. If you’re constantly repairing leaky pipes, it may be time to bite the bullet and repipe your house.

Noisy Pipes
Do you hear banging or squealing from the plumbing when running water? These noises are called water hammers, which could indicate that your pipes are failing and need replacing.

Higher Water Bills
Lastly, a hidden water leak could be the culprit if your water bills continue rising and you’ve not changed your usage habits. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be more cost-effective to repipe your house than a traditional repair.

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How Long Does a Home Repipe Take?

As mentioned, repiping a house is a significant home improvement. How long it takes, however, varies on many factors, including how big your house is, the plumbing system’s complexity, and how much work needs to be done. Additionally, the skill of the plumber is a factor too. Being able to handle unforeseen complications could mean the difference between a job taking a day or two or a week.

Generally, the average home repipe takes a few days to a week. Whatever size home you have, hiring a licensed professional repipe contractor is vital to get the best results and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

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