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When you need a clogged drain repaired or a leaking water heater replaced, you need to call a local plumbing repair company you can trust. The faster you schedule professional repairs, the better chance you have of limiting the amount of water damage caused to your house. Call Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. for appointments in Montclair, CA. We are your plumbing and rooting specialist!

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We proudly provide plumbing services to Montclair, including:

  • Water heaters
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Water leak detection
  • Water line repairs
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Sewer line repairs
  • Sewer camera inspection

Sewer Line Blockages: Call the Pros

If you know you have a clog in your sewer line - or if you suspect there is a blockage - it’s essential to call in the professionals as soon as possible. Letting these problems go can result in a large mess to clean up, and major damage to repair.

You need professionals to inspect your sewer line as soon as possible and determine the cause of the clog and remove it. Otherwise, you could be left with raw sewage on your property and foul odors. Trained experts can help you avoid these problems.

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Drain Cleaning: What To Expect During Cabling Services

When you have a blocked drain and need clogged drain repairs, it’s essential to call a trustworthy drain cleaning company to properly remove the clog.

When a professional arrives at your home, they will inspect the blockage and determine the best course of action to remove it. One method they might use is cabling, or snaking. Using this method, a pro will insert a long, thin, auger into your drain. The plumber will twist this as it moves down the line, breaking up the clog.

Call our plumbers at Rooter 66 Plumbing Inc. if you have questions about our drain cleaning services, or to book an appointment.

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Common Tankless Water Heaters Repairs
Just like hot water heater tanks, your point of use water heater will occasionally need repairs. Some common problems you might encounter with your instant hot water heater can include:

  • Mineral buildups: These can lead to blockages and can slow your system down.
  • System overload: If your unit isn’t the right size for your property - and your household size - your unit can be overworked and will not run correctly.
  • Unwanted cold water: Are you running out of hot water after back-to-back showers? This can happen if there is cold water left in your pipes between your water heater and your faucet.
  • Blocked air supply or exhaust: You might receive an error code if your system is having issues with air combustion or venting.
  • Ignition failure: If your unit isn’t igniting, it can be an issue with the gas valves or propane tank.
  • Flame isn’t lighting: This can be due to an issue with gas pressure or an electrical problem.

When you need tankless water heater services or tankless water heater installations, call our residential plumbers. We also offer electric and gas water heater services, hot water heater repairs, water heater maintenance, and hot water tank replacement services.

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