How to Help Avoid a Burst Pipe

Tips to Prevent Common Causes of Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Burst and damaged pipes can cause significant water damage to the home’s foundation, flooring, walls, and a homeowner’s belongings. It’s essential to call a plumber immediately to repair burst pipes. Still, homeowners can also help prevent them by preventing the common causes of burst pipes, including clogs, frozen pipes, and corrosion. 

Avoid Clogs

clogsBlockages can occur inside the pipes due to many things, including a buildup of food waste, hair, nonflushable materials, and tree roots. Although many clogs arise just below the drain, large masses of debris can become stuck deep inside the plumbing system. Whether tree roots are invading the underground pipes or cooking grease attracts bits of food to form a clog, these problems are not necessarily inevitable. 

Plumbers can do routine drain cleaning to clear any blockages in the line and prevent new ones from forming. Hydrojet drain cleaning is a method that uses highly pressurized water and can be used as a preventative measure to avoid the formation of clogs. Mesh drain screens can also help prevent clogs by preventing debris from going down the household’s drains. These can be purchased at almost any hardware store and do not require specialized installation. Additionally, home residents should be careful not to flush anything except toilet paper and not put food scraps or cooking grease and oil down the drain. 

Winterize Pipes

Pipes freezing in the winter can also wreak havoc on the plumbing system. If lines become frozen, this builds unnecessary pressure and can cause a rupture or a burst pipe. Unfortunately, this issue is not only restricted to the coldest states and can happen without proper pipe insulation.

Although frozen pipes are uncommon in California, it’s still advantageous to help prevent them and avoid the consequences of a burst pipe. Pipe insulation is a simple and inexpensive way to help avoid pipes freezing and can be made from various materials. Additionally, adding insulation to the lines can reduce energy loss and condensation, which can help prevent pipe corrosion and lower energy bills. 

Avoid Corroded Pipes

corrosionIf pipes are corroded, the material's surface changes, and the pipes deteriorate, which can also cause them to burst. As previously mentioned, pipe insulation can help homeowners avoid pipe corrosion by controlling condensation on the lines. However, more can be done to avoid and catch corrosion before a pipe burst occurs. 

Household residents should avoid using store-bought chemical drain cleaners, as many contain chemicals that can harm the pipes and speed up corrosion. Additionally, homeowners should schedule routine plumbing maintenance where a plumber can inspect the pipes for signs of corrosion and monitor the water pressure because high water pressure can also lead to corroded lines. 

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